About Us

Silabario ediciones

Silabario is a design studio based in Xelajú (Quetzaltenango), Guatemala. We are a company that believes in teamwork, responsibility, education, culture and innovation. We are interested in the sustainable development of the community to which we belong through the materials we develop. Our experience and training allows us to provide editorial design services, graphic design, audiovisual production, laser printing and web design. We are part of the industry known as “orange economy”. At Silabario we promote integral training of our personnel, we believe in sustainable development and good business practices.

Currently we work four people in the study, our director and legal representative is Alexander Socop (MBA & B.A. in communication and graphic design); next to him, in the area of graphic design and audiovisual editing, Andrea Rodríguez, Jessie Socop and Lucy Pérez, all B.A. in graphic design and advertising.